DevOps Engineer

at FRG Technology Consulting
Published July 8, 2022
Location New York, NY
Category Default  
Job Type Full-time  


  • Required Skills
    • 5+ years of software engineering experience (JDE)
    • Proficient in JDE development (CNC, BI Publisher, OMW, process flows, Orchestrator). 8.12 (40%) and 92 (60% of job) required.
    • Experienced in JDE user interface and reporting (query manager, watch lists, dashboards, CafeOne, etc).
    • Functional knowledge of JDE Financial Accounting, Accounts Receivable (banking & settlement, customer accounts, contracts), Accounts Payable (suppliers, procurement), and General Ledger.
    • Functional knowledge of JDE Materials Management (kits, BOMs), Distribution (WOs, inventory adjustments, Procurement & Fulfillment (RFQs, POs, MRP, Capacity Planning)
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication (written and verbal) skills
    • Experienced in gathering requirements from users and proposing alternative designs
    • Bachelor's Degree
  • Key information
    • Shared services department, development team, marketing team, but no separate accounting department, so that is a shared services division.
    • JDE and Workday Management, reporting with integrations into and out of JDE. Integrations with upstream systems.
    • Each division has individual point of sale. All goes to single point and goes to JDE. Have 3pl that does warehousing. Use EDI to send sales order, they respond with shipping confirmations.
    • They support the integration between different technologies. Moving from JD 8.12 to JD 92. Have a JD consultant developing the servers, but moving to an entirely new set of hardware.
    • Currently backfilling to work on the upgrade to the 92 environment. Have SOW with another firm to assist with upgrade.
    • Need to upgrade as fast as possible. Will be working on the upgrade, with leading role. Will implement warehousing. Currently EDI communication but would like to bring them onto JD application to get rid of EDI for more automation and better metrics.
    • Cambium has a recruiting department but they weren't providing viable candidates. Candidates have just been applying on LinkedIn without being vetted as a JD Development. Don't want business analysts.
    • Crucial to understand accounting as well.
    • Most employees have been there for quite a while. Company has recently tripled so much room for growth.
    • Remote first, but set of core hours.
  • Tasks
    • You will deliver JDE software solutions across the enterprise with responsibilities that include:
    • Any piece or the entirety of the software delivery lifecycle; including: gathering requirements, generating designs, providing estimates, coding implementation, and testing.
    • Maintaining the business perspective in understanding and affecting how systems are implemented to satisfy user goals.
    • Developing systems that adhere to a high standard of quality where completed work is a direct result of your own testing.
    • Working on multiple projects at one time balancing needs and deadlines.
    • Providing technical guidance and training to other engineering team members.
    • Keeping informed of new JDE releases and functionality for the business to leverage.
    • Review and prioritize enhancement requests.
    • Ensure proper change management is followed for stakeholder support, end user training, software deployment, and feature adoption.
  • Preferred:
    • 9+ years of software engineering experience
    • MS SQL database development (queries, stored procedures) very much preferred
    • Master's Degree or equivalent