DevOps/Systems Administrator

at Caxy Interactive
Published June 2, 2023
Location Harrisburg, PA
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Job Type Full-time  


DevOps / Sysadmin

Our DevOps/Sysadmins pair a variety of open-source programming languages with disciplined industry standards to own the infrastructure and support for the engaging and responsive experiences built for our clients and their end users. for our clients and their end-users.

All team members at Caxy work closely together to innovate on new technologies and deliver excellent products to our clients. In our DevOps/Sysadmin role, you will work with all different roles within the company and may engage directly with client technical teams. You will frequently wear multiple hats at the same time and will have continual opportunities to solve challenging and exciting problems.

Some of the things you'll do in this role are address level 1 website issues as relevant to the role, setup AWS infrastructure/scaling, support help desk teams, lambdas support, access provisioning, optimizing servers/expenses, owning the standards of modern tooling with logging, backups, security updates, kubernetes/docker, and more as needed for the continual growth of this space.

You may be perfect for this role if you have...

  • A natural problem solver with a passion for finding problems before they exist.
  • A desire to stay ahead of the curvethe problems, the opportunities, the security, the scalingif you are a future-forward thinker, you're made for this.
  • A love for cloud management (AWS preferred but Google Cloud okay, too) and a passion for continued learning in this area
  • A discipline for staying on top of mission-critical standards like logging, backups, and security protocolscomfortable running audits and making updates.
  • An appreciation for hopping in and out of things as neededyou like variety and you like to be able to step in and work some magic with infrastructure setup (setup and launch)and then step out again to let teams do their thing.
  • An interest in technology, an interest in consulting, and/or an interest in building a variety of applications across industries (startups, fintech, higher ed, manufacturing, etc). This interest means understanding that different spaces and different sizes require different solutionsand tailoring those solutions to them is a huge value.
  • An interest or casual experience with serverlesswe are just exploring the possibilities of this and are interested in someone owning more about how we can integrate it into what we do.

Our DevOps/Sysadmins exhibit these competences...

  • Expert in cloud server management (AWS Suite, Google Cloud)
  • Expert with AWS services (or equivalent GCP services) EC2, CloudFront, IAM, S3, CloudWatch
  • Proficient to expert in MySQL, MSSQL, or NoSQL
  • Proficient to expert in Linuximportant mostly for Legacy clients and can be supported
  • Proficient to expert in kubernetes, docker, or other tools for containerization and horizontal scaling
  • Proficient with web application architecture design, microservices, maintenance, and scaling
  • Proficient in MERN or MEAN stack management and LAMP stack management
  • Competent in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tooling (Terraform, CloudFormation, CDK, etc)
  • Competent at working in version control (Git)
  • Novice to Competent with server-side rendering tools and practices (like razzle or other)
  • Novice to Competent - familiarity with popular CMS (Drupal or WordPress)
  • Novice to Competent - SSO platforms like Okta, Auth0, Cognito
  • Nice to have - familiarity with CI/CD pipeline tooling (Jenkins, Github Actions, CircleCI, etc)
  • Nice to have - familiarity with JavaScript unit testing frameworks (Jasmine, Karma, etc.)
  • Nice to have - familiarity with popular CMS (WordPress, Keystone, Prismic, ContentStack, etc)
  • Nice to have - familiarity with usability / accessibility standards
  • Nice to have - Virtualization (VMWare, KVM, etc)
  • Not Expected/Bonus - working knowledge of React/Node

Responsibilities you can expect...

  • AWS Server Management end-to-end
  • Respond to and resolve or coordinate resolution to issues reported in help desk as they relate to DevOps role
  • Respond and support team in initial QA and Staging infrastructure setup in AWS
  • Respond and own the prod-server launch process
  • Make sure that backups are functioning properly
  • Setting up monitoring and alerting tools and services for projects
  • Keep audits (PCI, SOC, and other updates) up to date and make updates as neededfiling issues in JIRA and getting approvals from CTO, COO, or Product Leads
  • Keep security updates in check, running frequent audits and tracking metrics toward remediation
  • Leading/Supporting Disaster Recovery processes: real events and the semi-annual tests of them
  • Implement patch management solutions in AWS
  • Implement automated security audits using AWS services
  • Organize user groups and access and integrate services with Google SSO and directory services

We do have a few requirements...

  • You are able to work during our working hours (9AM - 5:30PM Central)
  • You have experience managing large-scale applications in the cloud that leveraged lambdas, kubernetes, docker, microservices, multiple/hybrid DBs (mongo and mySQL as example)
  • You have experience building, refining, and managing large-scale cloud infrastructure
  • You have experience diagramming large-scale infrastructure setup and data flows
  • You have experience interpreting infrastructure diagrams and implementing them to spec, proposing ideas and solutions for optimizations, and executing those approved improvements.